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Cowboy at the fair. This picture is enscribed on the back and states that the picture was taken at the 1939 San Francisco International Exposition. Size is about 4" x 6".

Inventory item # 843

Price: $50

Expo Cowboy
Great Chiefs of the American West, by Ivan Jesse Curtis. This is a limited edition print, signed by the Artist with certification of the signature. This print, in this size 21" by 39" is no longer in print and has become a major collector's item. We only have one and it is nicely framed.

Inventory # 641

Price: $850

CLINT EASTWOOD, LEGEND OF THE SILVER SCREEN, By Ivan Jesse Curtis. A single run of 500 copies was all that Clint authorized. They were initially bought up quickly. We know of no others available today. These are limited edition, signed and certified prints. We are fortunate enough to have several in our inventory. We only have one framed. The others are in their original tubes. It is rumored that Clint has one and his daughter also owns one. Framed + 21" by 39" and unframed, shipped in a tube, is 19" by 37".

Inventory item # 876

Price : Framed = $950

Un-framed = $800,


Jo Mora, Artist,

Author and Illustrator

An original poster.

Size : approx. 24" X 30"

Inventory item # 984

Price : $1950

Framed: old frame


Jo Mora Poster
The American Cowboy in Life and Legend, by Bart McDowell Very good condition. Dust jacket shows some age.

Inventory item # 1-Amercow

Price : $85

American Cowboy
The Cisco Kid and an original TV show script. The advertisement photo is signed by "Cisco" and his horse Diablo also signed the photo - or at least a proxy did. The writing is " To dear Opal from your good amigo, Duncan Renaldo, Cisco Kid and from me too - Diablo with a horse shoe symbol as his signature.

The script is marked "Cisco Kid TV", GSU-108B ( the 108 has been changed to 109 by handwriting). By ANDE LAMB. It also is marked as the "Final Master Script" March 8 1954.

This is an original and it is doubtful that any others exist. It reads well and is a great story. It also describes the scenes and camera actions.

Item # 1004

Price for both $800

Cisco Kid
Jack Hoxie

Star of " Outlaw Justice"

This is an original promotional photo signed by Jack Hoxie for the movie "Outlaw Justice" a Majestic Picture. This item is in excellent condition for its age. Size = 8 inches by 10 inches.

Item 1005

Price $95

Jack Hoxie
Jack Hoxie

Star of " Outlaw Justice"

This is an original promotional photo signed by Jack Hoxie for the movie "Outlaw Justice" a Majestic Picture. This item is in fair condition. It has some damage (note brown spot on photo). Also, the horse's head must have moved because it is blurred in the photo. Size = 8 inches by 10 inches.

Item 1006

Price $65

Jack Hoxie 2
Allan Lane Photo A promotional photo of Allan Lane and his horse "Blackjack"
Allan loved this horse and trained him to go get the newspaper. 

Size = 10.25 inches by 13.75 inches.

Item # 1021

Price: $85

Allan and Blackjack
Among the Cowboys

by W.A. Rogers

"betting on a bull fight"

This is an authentic antique print. This is a "wood block relief" print for the 27 Nov.1880 issue of Harpers Weekly. It has been exquisitely hand colored by an unknown artist.

Matted Size = 14 inches by 18 inches.

Item # 983

Price: $185

Fighting Bulls

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