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These are North & Judd's "Plains Spurs" with the two pins for the spurs straps on each side of the spur. These are not the showy kind of spurs you wear when you ride to town.  These were very common "working cowboy" spurs that were affordable and worn where no one cared about how they looked.

North & Judd Sunburst Spurs

These spurs are single mounted with exceptional engraving. The silver covers 100% of one side of the spurs including the large strap pin. The other side has the classic "star steel silver" mark with a 5 point star emblem .


Silver Mounted very old Amazoc Spurs. Click on the photo to enlarge and see the unusual design. See similar ones listed several boxes below.


These are heavy double mounted "Chihuahua" spurs probably made in Amazoc Mexico many years ago. These were practically indesructable and favored by many Southwest horsemen including some of the early Texas Rangers. 


North & Judd four pin spurs. Marked with an "anchor" symbol between the strap pins.


Large single side silver overlay spurs. Elaborate custom engraving with initials "MTR" engraved one center/side band. The heavy silver overlay is extremely worn along with the engraving.  The rowels cneter holes are worn and the outer strap pin of the left spur has a weld repair.  These are single piece big spurs from a ranch in Alturas, CA.  This is high desert cattle country.  So, why do we want a considerable sum for these?? Because they are the real-deal, large, old, great cowboy spurs that ring loud when you wear them when riding. We love em! 


Kelly Cutting Horse spurs. The front of the heelband is rounded to prevent binding on your boot. The spurs have a thin, lightweight heel band that is 1 1/4 inches longer to give a snug fit. Hence, the need to round the front bottom of the band. These spurs are plated and have plain finish.